Managing client expectations

A selection of topical investment insights to assist your conversations with clients

Our research on the business challenges facing financial advisers shows that among the 75% of advisers who say that business worries are keeping them up at night, a quarter are concerned about stock market volatility and geopolitical risk.

With clients becoming accustomed to stable and growing markets, advisers tell us they would welcome material to help aid their discussions with clients. As a result, we’ve brought together information from five fund partners, which includes a couple of guides that may be used directly with clients plus additional insight and investment considerations for advisers.

Client guide to investing in volatile markets

From the importance of diversifying portfolios, to a five-point investment checklist, this guide gives clients information on all the things they might need to consider when investing through periods of volatility in the markets.

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Client guide to equities

An introduction to ordinary company shares, how they can make money for an investor (and how they can lose it). It also highlights the different ways to invest in equities, including a run-down of the types of equity fund that investors may encounter.

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Principles for successful long-term investing

The key to successful investing is learning from the past and understanding the present. J.P. Morgan Asset Management present six time-tested strategies for guiding portfolios through today’s challenging markets and towards tomorrow’s goals.

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M&G: Joffy’s Journal — the growing role of ESG in investing

Looking at the change in investor behaviour over the years and how asset managers have responded, M&G’s Jonathan Willcocks reinforces the importance of ESG principles when thinking about investments.

Are our brains wired against us?

In a world of always-on smartphones and social media, the need for instant gratification is becoming just as prevalent in investment markets. We want returns and we want them now! Fidelity suggests some ways to try and break that behavioural pattern so that your clients can begin to appreciate the benefits of a longer-term approach.

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