News of the coronavirus in recent weeks has contributed to increased market volatility. Here you’ll find some useful insights from several fund partners to help you reassure your clients.

Understanding market volatility

Financial history shows that from time to time markets experience bouts of heightened volatility for many reasons. Fidelity’s interactive tools look at the past and highlight lessons we can learn for the future. You’ll also find sales aids you can share with your clients.

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The three phases of investing through a global pandemic

Fidelity’s Jeremy Podger looks ahead to three distinct phases of the coronavirus pandemic - escalation, recovery and consolidation - and discusses how these map onto both equity market returns and economic activity.

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Survival advice from some famous investors

Chelverton’s Dale Robertson reminds us that steep declines such as we are now experiencing, have always been a feature of the stockmarket landscape.  His collection of quotes and advice give enduring insight from other periods in history. 

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The cost of missing out on market recovery

Increased volatility can mean clients become concerned and consider withdrawing their investments. But as we know, by being out of the market they risk missing out on any returns when the market starts to recover. This simple one-pager from Architas can be shared with clients to demonstrate the impact that missing out on market recovery can have on long-term returns.

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Emerging markets in the time of novel coronavirus

Aberdeen Standard Investments discuss how emerging markets are reacting to coronavirus-induced global market shocks.

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Why this time is different: A ‘stay at home’ t-shaped recession

Whenever there is the threat or the reality of recession, it usually follows a typical pattern. It is engendered by tight financial conditions, a real economy or market bubble bursting, a dramatic rise in the price of oil, or a combination of the above. Find out more about why M&G believe this time is different.

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Thoughts on financial markets and their response to the Virus threat

Sarasin’s Guy Monson and Subitha Subramaniam share thoughts on how markets are responding to the coronavirus threat and the benefits of a long-term thematic approach.

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Monitoring the global impact of COVID-19

J.P. Morgan monitor the investment implications of the coronavirus outbreak, using high frequency data to track infection rates and assess the economic repercussions. Updated every 48 hours as the story develops.

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Client guide: Covid-19 and your investments

Many clients are worried about the recent market volatility. To help you in your conversations with them, Architas have created this update to help explain what Covid-19 means for their investments.

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China: the virus, the economy, the markets

M&G explain how the Chinese market has held up remarkably well since this crisis began. In fact, it’s one of the best performing equity markets globally, which is perhaps surprising given the virus originated there and, indeed, the Chinese economy has always been perceived to be a proxy for global economic growth.

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Panic-selling creates opportunities in Europe

Aberdeen Standard Investments look at how to block out short-term 'noise'. They explain how by doing so, they are starting to see opportunities to judiciously put money to work in several high-quality European businesses.

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Corona-Crunch: one of the most violent corrections on record

A lot can change in a month. While many of us grapple with the new daily regime of lockdowns, remote working, home schooling and scouring the shops for that last fabled toilet roll, M&G take a moment to review what has happened to credit markets over the past few weeks.

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Market volatility – opportunities for investors

The spread of coronavirus has created a spike in volatility, with most major stock markets posting big losses at the end of February. Despite this, Architas believe investors should not panic. Here they explain why.

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Four scenarios on Covid-19 and its investment impact

In this report BNY Mellon’s Global Economic and Investment Analysis team outline their four forecast scenarios for the next 12 months, three out of four of which look at the economic impact of the coronavirus.

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Market reassess Coronavirus risks

With coronavirus now present in more than 60 countries, markets have been volatile over the past two weeks. Read Brooks Macdonald’s latest analysis as the virus continues to spread.

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Coronavirus: Portfolio Manager views

As fundamental active managers, Investec are constantly reviewing what the coronavirus outbreak means for the global economy and the implications for their portfolios. Read their Portfolio Manager views here.

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Videos and podcasts

Global Strategy update

New Italian COVID-19 cases appear to be stabilising in line with China's progression last month. In the US, the peak is expected in two weeks' time. Sarasin’s CIO discusses the markets this week.

Podcast – coronavirus, where from here?

Aberdeen Standard Investments discuss coronavirus – where have we got to, and how do we see the economic and market landscape from here?

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Webconference: Monitoring the global impact of COVID-19

The spread of the coronavirus and its impact on global economic activity are increasingly troubling investors. Trying to predict the final outcome is a fool’s errand. Instead, J.P. Morgan consider the channels by which the virus will affect economic activity and markets.

Join Karen Ward, Chief Market Strategist for EMEA and Tai Hui, Chief Market Strategist for Asia Pacific discuss this important topic.

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Fidelity CIOs on the oil crash, market volatility and what’s next

Andrew McCaffery, Steve Ellis and Romain Boscher dissect the macro issues impacting financial markets, the impact on global markets and how this is shaping Fidelity’s views across asset classes.