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Adviser support packages

Beneficiaries flexi-access drawdown conundrum

A quick overview

Paul Squirrell, our pension expert, discusses with Paul Kennedy, pitfalls and issues to be considered with the payment of beneficiaries flexi-access drawdown death benefits.

11-minute watch

Establishing the client’s individual lifetime allowance

An in-depth look

Paul Squirrell and Paul Kennedy take an in-depth look at matters concerning lifetime allowance protections, lifetime allowance enhancement factors and reduced lifetime allowances.

58-minute watch

Areas covered in this video:

  • 02:53 >> What is the lifetime allowance?
  • 04:10 >> Protection from the lifetime allowance charge: Enhanced and Fixed Protections
  • 05:34 >> Protection from the lifetime allowance charge: Primary and Individual Protections
  • 19:06 >> Losing the protection: Enhanced or Fixed Protection
  • 32:16 >> ‘Losing’ primary or individual protection
  • 40:46 >> Reduced lifetime allowances
  • 45:07 >> Enhancements to the lifetime allowance
  • 53:16 >> Protection from the lifetime allowance charge: Lifetime allowance enhancement factors

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